Art on the Pier
       Any of the images available in prints on           canvas and paper. Up to  35'' wide. Very      impressive!! Please order . 


                   ART ON THE PIER 
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                                                      ARTIST OF JOY
    Artist Mikhail Khodzhayants was born in Leningrad (now Sankt Petersburg),Russia, but his young years he spent on shores of Caspian Sea, from where he got the most of his artistic impressions. 
    Mikhail moved to USA in 1992 as a political refugee, because of the ethnic conflict in Baku, where he used to live before. California and it’s pearl San Diego became his second motherland. 
San Diego surroundings and nature gave him a new impulse for creativity. Mikhail works on series of San Diego landscapes. At the same time, he is developing his own unique style which combines ultimate simplicity and expressivity. "Misha's style",-says the artist with the smile. 
    "The eternal and unquenchable source of the inspiration is the beauty around us",-says Mikhail, -"my goal is to awake people's imagination, not to give them photographic image of the reality or make them to feel awkward by offering abstract interpretations" 
     " My goal is to share my feeling of admiration towards the mystery of life!" 
Mikhail considers himself as a disciple of great masters of art, such as Picasso, Leger and Van Gogh, of course. 
        The art of Mikhail Khodzhayants carries enormous amount of positive energy and optimism. It seems to tell us to believe, to hope and to love. Probably that's why they call him Artist of Joy.
Each morning, this tall, dark haired man, easily mistaken for an Italian or a Latino, opens his garage, redesigned as a studio and until late at night *wizardry spectacle neighbors* 

The garage stands on a hill, allowing for an impressive view of San Diego. *lots of paintings, capturing S.D.’s views* 

The artist’s name is Mikhail Khodzhayants. 

San Diego has become his new home. 

Unlike his fellow Soviet immigrants, Mikhail Khodzhayants doesn’t take advantage of his surroundings. . As a professional, he understands the art business and knows exactly what he needs to do to strike it rich. However, recently Sothebys listed several of his works online. 

An artist searches the world for beauty. He does not simply replicate trees or landscapes, cameras serve that function excellently. In the words of French artist, "paintings harmony nature quote” This beauty, creatively modified, is expressed on a canvas. "it’s easy to express the ugly, it’s always near, around you. There is plenty of it: your own face in the mirror after a night’s debauchery, piles of trash on the yard, used tea bags crushed on the floor. There are artists who seek out and paint the ugly; some of them possess no shortage of artistic gifts. But you, when you’re down, shouldn’t turn to their works. When your soul is weighed down, you’ll wish to open an album of artists from whose works will blow harmony and beauty. 

At its core, any painting is an attempt to translate to one’s own language the culture that was laid down by the masters of past ages. The way is paved, many forms created, you simply use them in your own way. It’s an endless process. 

Follow the masters. The technical aspect is always important. Paintings can’t leave out a sense of color, line and form. Here, the start of the feelings, intuitive and irrational, plays a colossal role. And if the final result surprised me with something unexpected, then something within it worked.” 

San Diego’s recluse might as well have not signed his works, as they are easily recognized by anybody who has even once laid eyes upon them. They spellbindingly capture you with their light and color, something fleetingly familiar and dear. One wants to gaze and gaze upon his paintings and carry them away to hang them at home. I can easily imagine that in art galleries around the world they will surely not be looked over.